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Vipac Engineers & Scientists Ltd

KneeDeep Case Study - Vipac Engineers

Vipac Engineers and Scientists, a leading Australian-owned engineering consultancy and testing laboratory approached KneeDeep to help improve skills in undertaking a range of larger project engineering development, capability upgrade, and a turn-key design and delivery projects.

The need to improve such skills were specifically identified as part of Vipac’s strategic business planning and analysis activity. KneeDeep delivered the Diploma of Project Management to lead engineers and scientists from Vipac, who came from industrial, defence and environmental backgrounds.

Vipac team members completed six days of formal classroom instruction and each completed an individual workplace based project. KneeDeep delivered the training in a timeframe that allowed for Vipac to undertake some large, high profile engineering design and development projects supported by the training.

Through our work with Vipac, team members from Vipac were able to demonstrate improved compliance to mandated processes. Staff were able to deliver project management plans for internal and external approval. Other skills that were gained included creating risk registers and management plans, and an improvement in creating budgets and financial forecasts.

Sustainability House

KneeDeep Case Study - Sustainability House

Sustainability House is an Australian consulting company that provides sustainable solutions to building works across Australia. Sustainability house identified a need to improve management and leadership skills at their management and team leader levels.

In order to improve these skills, KneeDeep took key members of the Sustainability House team on a two day leadership and team development retreat that combined training with outdoor, team building exercises. This initial leadership program was then followed by a twelve month development program, the aim of which being to improve accountability, role understanding and delivery efficiency for team members.

Through our work with the Sustainability House team, the group was able to demonstrate improved skills in compliance to mandated processes and improved management of both internal and external projects.

Sustainability house also demonstrated improved communication and understanding of management roles and methods, and an improved commitment to accountability. Along with the skills gained over these programs, the Sustainability House team also demonstrated a lift in morale and a reduction in stress and conflict within their team.

Schneider Electric

KneeDeep Case Studies - Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, approached KneeDeep to help improve their project management capability in their IT infrastructure and project management teams. We delivered four programs over a two year period including the Diploma of Project Management and the Certificate IV In Project Management to Schneider Electric staff from Australia and New Zealand.

As the groups had a mixed level of expertise and experience, we tailored our training to cover a broad range of skills and abilities. We delivered different approaches to project management processes in different areas of the organisation for broader relevance to the groups involved.

Through the skills gained in KneeDeep’s training programs, Schneider electric team members demonstrated improved project control and visibility, had more consistent approaches to projects and key staff felt more confident in being tasked with project work.

GPA Engineering

KneeDeep Case Studies - GPA Engineering

GPA Engineering is a South Australian based engineering company that develops, engineers and implements industrial projects in Oil & Gas, Water Treatment & Distribution, Mining & Minerals and Power Generation & Distribution. GPA engineering identified a need for skill development to create and enhanced project management methodology and framework to support their projects.

GPA engineering undertook Project Management Training with us to support the roll out. The GPA group encompassed staff at all levels of the company from Company directors to general staff. The GPA group undertook KneeDeep’s Diploma of Project Management program over a 9 month period. The group completed five full days of workshops and extensive assessment and self paced project work, with optional mentoring support. The skill base in GPA was drawn upon with senior personnel claiming recognition for their prior learning.

The result of our training for GPA engineering resulted in staff at all levels of the company developing project management skills. GPA’s new framework was integrated into the current ISO accredited Quality System. Our training helped GPA to improve project control and compliance. GPA also gained skills to improve presentation and communication with key clients that enhanced client confidence with the company.

Trackside Intelligence

KneeDeep Case Study - Trackside Intelligence

Trackside Intelligence Pty Ltd has a global reputation for being specialist manufacturers and suppliers of wayside detection equipment to the railway industry. Trackside identified a need for assistance to support the professional development of project engineers and project managers.

This professional development was part of efforts by the company to build up the organisations range of rail products to meet increased production, technology, and expansion of international markets. We delivered team workshops, mentoring, and advice to the company.

The result of our work with Trackside Intelligence was of immediate benefit to the organisation through their improved morale and team cohesion. Our work with Trackside Intelligence resulted in a broad development of skills and confidence for Trackside Intelligence Staff, broader team cohesion in the organisation, and a lift in collaboration and communications.

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